8 New Things to expect at DUNKIN’ Aurora Branch

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8 New Things to expect at DUNKIN’ Aurora Branch

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Do you love donuts and coffee? What if you enjoy this in a newest spot of our beloved brand  filled with good vibes? This 2020, our favorite Dunkin’ in Aurora QC has been newly renovated to put you in a wonderful mood. Now you can experience its upgraded 360 design and enjoy great tasting coffee and donuts. The highlights of the newest designs were promoted by the trio of hunks Piolo Pascual, Derek Ramsay and Dingdong Dantes, Dunkin’ ambassadors earlier at the press briefing.

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Here’s what you can expect at Dunkin’ Aurora branch:

See its newest logo as you enter the store. Following the global rebranding where they do away with the Donut word, Dunkin’ would want you, as their loyal patron to call their beloved brand by its nickname, hence the Dunkin’;

The renovated outlet’s 360-design. The store comes to life holistically—meaning anywhere you look in the store is upgraded. All elements are also aligned with the Dunkin’ Proud design strategy, encouraging both Dunkin’ patrons and discoverers to experience and celebrate the brand that has been serving them in the Philippines for almost 40 years;

The signature orange and magenta color Dunkin’ is known for is brought to life more by artworks, one of which even bears local elements such as a tarsier, a jeepney, a pawikan and the Mayon Volcano;

The complete redesigning of the store gives consideration to the comfort and convenience they want for their loyal customers. There is a community table that encourages sharing and interaction:

Provision for power supply, to make it more convenient for students and businessmen who frequent the outlet;

For senior citizens and PWD customers who love their Dunkin’ coffee, couches were placed on the sides to give them their own space to relax;

A counter specially dedicated For those who just want to grab and go is now available;

Warm white lights, plus cozy café-style tables and chairs to make your stay more enjoyable t and have your favorite world-famous Dunkin’ coffee and donuts. The only thing you’ll stress about is whether you’ll get a Butternut or Choco Butternut donut—to which the easy solution is to have both.

Isn’t that super nice of Dunkin?
But wait, there’s more, spreading the spirit of optimism is always the goal of any Dunkin’ store and it doesn’t stop there. To make it a year of good vibes, here’s an offer for the first month that will fill you with happiness: the Dunkin’ Sari-Sari Bucket. Get one bucket filled with 10 Choco Bang, 16 Premium Munchkins, and 12 Dunkin’ Yan for only P299. This offer is available in all Dunkin’ outlets until January 31, 2020.

For only P299, you can enjoy three kinds of Dunkin’ treats in a bucket when you buy the new Sari-Sari Bucket!

The newly redesigned Dunkin’ outlet is located in 733 Aurora Boulevard Corner Balete Drive, New Manila, Quezon City

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