Bajaj RE: A Modern Vehicle for the Modern Filipino and Why It’s Better Than a Regular Tricycle

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Bajaj RE: A Modern Vehicle for the Modern Filipino and Why It’s Better Than a Regular Tricycle

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The Bajaj RE is the low-maintenance tricycle that has been taking the urban and rural streets of the Philippines by storm!

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The Bajaj RE has begun to overtake the traditional tricycle as a primary mode of transportation across cities and neighborhoods in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. And it is easy to see why: the Bajaj RE provides better performance and mileage, without sacrificing stability nor style. This provides commuters with a safe, powerful and economical mode of transportation to-and-from home.

Bajaj RE vs Traditional Tricycles

Right now, Bajaj REs and tricycles share the Philippine roads. One has glaring advantages over the other, and you can see which is which for yourself:

A Modern Vehicle for the Modern Filipino

As the country marches forward, so should the technology its citizens can use. The Bajaj RE is a modern take on the traditional cycle that puts driver and passenger comfort on par with vehicle performance. The interior is designed with spacious leg room and bucket seats to maximize comfort over long trips. Not even weather is an issue, because the Bajaj RE also comes with a heat-repellant and water-resistant tarpaulin roof and sealed cabin floors.

The entire vehicle is built upon a single, sturdy chassis to decrease maintenance costs and increase overall capacity. It is compact so it can travel even in congested conditions, yet the muscular SKUDO design allows it to stand out in traffic. The wide frame allows drivers to customize the exterior to their tastes, and renders it resistant to damage from both collisions and the wear of the elements.

Step Up to Bajaj RE

Filipinos are always on the lookout for the best in life, and the Bajaj RE is already within their reach. This affordable yet practical three-wheeled motorcycle can take you anywhere you need at a safe and steady pace. No worries of sitting against a cold metal frame and bumping your head on a roof here!

So step up the tricycle experience with the comfortable, durable, and economical Bajaj RE!

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