BPI Amazing Digital Ecosystem

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BPI Amazing Digital Ecosystem

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In this digital age where almost everyone is web-savvy, doing things online makes life more convenient and easy for them. Take for example online banking. People are becoming aware how online banking has helped them to maximize their time and allowing them to get a lot of other things done without actually going to a brick and mortar bank. With this in mind, the Bank of Philippine Islands, the first bank in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, has created a digital ecosystem where its clients can make banking part of their everyday life.

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Since the Philippines have the most number of mobile users in the world, BPI took advantage of this fact and has embraced a digital mindset by creating a digital ecosystem that will create a more financially inclusive society. BPI realized how online banking is a time saver in just a click. Mobile devices become the main engagement tools to reach its customers. With the way technologies are improving, technologies are helping banks digitize and this digital transformation makes its the norm to pay bills, get paid, shop, travel, transfer money or pay for dinner with friends. This is the future of banking that BPI envision and once again BPI is at the forefront of this amazing digital transformation.

However, for this ecosystem to flourish, it also requires a transformational shift in mindset – to unlock its great potential to improve everyday life according to BPI Chief Operating Officer Mon Jocson. During the official launch, he emphasized how, “A digital transformation is not just about applying new technologies. It’s also about changing mindsets and transforming culture. We are trying to influence our clients to adopt digital behaviors and develop a digital culture, just as we inculcate the same in our workforce so we can enhance the customer experience as well.”

Mr. Noel Santiago, BPI Chief Digital Officer also said, “What we are creating is a lifestyle enabled by digital banking. It’s about helping people act in a more digital way, allowing them to get a lot of things done without missing out. Our digital ecosystem aims to make this possible. Our open banking is far-reaching and with near-limitless possibilities. We are capitalizing on this to grow our network of trusted partners so that clients can easily and conveniently transact via one app or website, wherever they are, whatever the need. By logging in to our channels, we are providing our clients the easiest options to do their financial transactions—more partners, more potential for our platforms, more access for you. At the end of the day, it’s about you, our clients, logging into the amazing digital ecosystem of BPI.”

The BPI’s digital ecosystem has two components, the Open Banking and the BPI Digital Platforms – BPI Online banking website, www.bpi.com.ph, and the BPI Mobile app. The BPI Amazing Digital Ecosystem have 70 online banking and 40 mobile app features and its digital channels have the most extensive list of digital capabilities of any local bank. Moreover, they have nine partners including GCash, Lazada, and Paymaya offering 36 services for its clients to transact with ease.

Other advantages with these channels are sending money to your own accounts, other enrolled accounts, anyone via QR code, or even to other banks. You can also view, subscribe, or redeem investments. You also have better control of your debit cards—set withdrawal limits, set purchase limits, temporarily block a card, or turn on international access. For hassle-free banking at the branch, you can also set branch appointments in advance through the website.

Indeed, BPI Amazing Digital Ecosystem can make your Everyday Bank Login such a breeze.

For more information, you can visit www.bpi.com.ph

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