Dunkin’ Presents Give In to SB19 Major Concert Postponed

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Dunkin’ Presents Give In to SB19 Major Concert Postponed

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Crazy over Sejun, Ken, Josh, Stell, and Justin or more popularly known as SB19? I know you’re patiently waiting for their Dunkin’ concert next week but sad to say the “Give In To SB19″ presented by DUNKIN’ is postponed on a later date due to the health risks posed by the COVID-19 outbreak gripping the whole world.

SB19, during the presscon held yesterday, maybe saddened by the postponement but together with Dunkin’ they are in agreement for the health welfare of A’TINs and Dunkin’ customers.

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The “Give In To SB19″ is a major concert by the Sound Break (SB19) presented by DUNKIN’. Given that DUNKIN’ is the go-to brand for indulgences of kids and kids at heart  DUNKIN’s appreciation of its customers is put on full display every year during DUNKIN’ Day, when they get free donuts and discounts. For this year, DUNKIN’ is giving its patrons more reasons to give in!

Knowing how the youth is so obsessed with K-Pop, DUNKIN’ will once again indulge them by bringing them closer to Sound Break (SB19) with a major concert at the Araneta Coliseum “Give In To SB19″.

Blending the distinct instrumentals of Koreans with proud OPM vocals, SB19 is the first Filipino boy group trained by Korean entertainment company, ShowBT. The group quickly launched into stardom with the viral fame of their second single “Go Up”, and their inclusion in the international Billboard Next Big Sound Chart.

As DUNKIN’s special treat to SB19 fans, “Give In To SB19″ concert tickets were given away for free through a promotion, letting fans enjoy their favorite donuts while making sure they get their seats for the concert. In fact, vouchers for VIP seats were exhausted in as quick as 3 minutes!

During the presscon, the guys were asked what’s their favorite Dunkin’!

photo by diva princess

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