SM Mall of Asia continues to provide safe malling activities and experiences to ensure the safety of our customers, the mall will strictly implement house rules which will be announced through social media, in-mall and at the activity area. Here are the safety guidelines:

  1. Customers 18 – 65 years old are allowed to enter the mall premises. Full face shield and face mask must be worn at all
  2. Please practice and maintain proper social distancing at all times. Safety markers should be followed and observed. Safety protocol officers are here to assist
  3. Automated alcohol dispensers are available prior to entering the 3d art
  4. Let’s maintain the cleanliness in the area. Let’s take our snacks before entering the
  5. Maximum of twenty (20) persons at any given time are allowed inside area to practice safe distancing at all times. There will be a time limit of 15 minutes to give way to other customers. Safety protocol officers will assist you to the exit
  6. Only one (1) customer is allowed to have his/her photo taken per photo spot. When having a photo, please make sure to stand at the marked photo spot of the summer art for the best angle. Customer should wear his/her full-face shield and face mask for the
  7. Other customers should stand on the marked spot while waiting for their turn to practice and maintain social distancing at all
  8. Pets are allowed to enter the area provided our furry friends need to be hand-carried, placed in a pet carrier, or

Let us all enjoy this art experience like no other only at SM Mall of Asia!