LBC offers lowest rates ever for domestic remittance services

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LBC offers lowest rates ever for domestic remittance services

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Committed to providing Filipinos access to cheap and convenient remittance services, LBC Express Inc., the leader in money remittance services, announces its lowest rate ever. For as low as Php2, senders can send their money to their loved ones with the help of LBC’s over 1,400 branches nationwide with its cheaper Instant Peso Padala service.

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This announcement aims to benefit the over 52 million unbanked Filipinos, a number released by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas in 2018.

“We understand that sending and receiving money from your loved ones may be hindered with access to digital means. That is why our over 1,400 branches are open to serve as transaction points so Filipinos don’t have to worry about remitting money wherever in the country they may be. Our strong network coupled with these affordable rates will enable Filipinos to do quick, cheap, and safe financial transactions,” said OLV.

The new rates are as follows:

Amount Provincial Rate Manila Rate
Php0.01-Php100 Php2 Php3
Php100.01-Php200 Php3 Php6
Php200.01-Php300 Php5 Php9
Php300.01-Php400 Php8 Php12
Php400.01-Php500 Php8 Php15
Php500.01-Php600 Php10 Php18
Php600.01-Php700 Php10 Php21
Php700.01-Php800 Php12 Php24
Php800.01-Php900 Php12 Php27
Php900.01-Php1000 Php15 Php30
Php1000.01-Php1500 Php20 Php45
Php1500.01-Php2000 Php30 Php60
Php2000.01-Php2500 Php40 Php75
Php2500.01-Php3000 Php 50 Php90
Php3000.01-Php4000 Php70 Php120
Php4000.01-Php5000 Php90 Php125


To avail of the Instant Peso Padala service, LBC customers just need to go to the nearest LBC branch, fill out the form and hand their cash. In a few minutes, the cash is ready for pick up at any LBC branch in the Philippines.

LBC remains bullish of the remittance transactions in the Philippines citing that Filipinos are still looking after secured and fast means to send and encash money. For more information on LBC’s services, visit

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