Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy: Oilatum Bath Time Summit Empowers Mothers to Show Their Love Through Healthy Skin

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Oilatum ProtectKNOWLogy: Oilatum Bath Time Summit Empowers Mothers to Show Their Love Through Healthy Skin

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Climate change has brought about changing weather which is quite unlike mankind experienced before.  For someone like me who has skin problem since childhood, it is really quite challenging how to adapt to the weather and take care of my skin. What more to our children? From experience I know how the cold weather makes our skin dry while too much heat can cause sun damage. It’s too bad that my younger brothers two kids also have skin problems. Since we cannot control the weather, its a good thing that we can control what we put on our children’s skin. Thank goodness for Oilatum, it is our family’s most trusted skin care brand and what more its is also a globally trusted skin care brand. Days ago, I was lucky enough to attend its Bath Summit as they launched ProtectKnowlogy aimed to empower mothers to show their love through healthy skin. This summit is part at STADA’s game plan to help improve healthcare In the Philippines by providing quality products to the Filipinos such as Oilatum.

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During the summit, Mr. Gary Clark, APAC Regional Head of STADA shared that, “At Oilatum, we believe that high quality skin care for toddlers is within reach. We know this would be great news to Filipino moms, and, as the brand promise says, another amazing way to show their love to their child.”

The Bath Summit was held last February 6 at Shangri-la The Fort in Taguig.  it was a fun learning event for moms on keeping their kids’ skin healthy! It was also intended to help kids build their confidence by having soft, smooth, and healthy skin.

Lots of mothers and kids attended and enjoyed the said summit. The event venue was dressed up as a kids play room. There were several instagrammable spots where moms and kids had a blast taking photos. There were a few designated areas for children to play while their mothers listened to seminar speakers as well.

Mothers learned more about skincare and its effects to children through the guest dermatologist and psychiatrist. Oilatum invited Dr. Wilsle Salas-Walinsundin , a pediatric dermatologist and she discussed common pediatric skin conditions and what could be done to avoid and treat them. Dr.Antonio Sison on the other hand, shared his expertise on the psychiatric effects of skin problems on children and maternal mental health. (I have a separate article for Dr. Sison talk as I learned so much from his talk.)

There were games and fun activities for both moms and kids In between discussions. Oilatum lived up to its promise of coming up with a fun-filled, educational, event where mothers could bond with their kids and other moms with their children! Oilatum’s ProtectKnowlogy Bath Time Summit is definitely a success! We can’t wait for the next one!

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