Tips for Quick Easy Fixes To The Most Common House Problems In The Philippines

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Tips for Quick Easy Fixes To The Most Common House Problems In The Philippines

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Being in a tropical country, it’s either too hot or too rainy in the Philippines and maintaining the house where we live is no easy feat! It may rain heavily today, only for the sun to shine brightly tomorrow. But as we are a resilient race, we adapt quite nicely to our environment thus always looking for ways to make sure our homes are in the best condition possible, no matter the weather that comes our way. But then, no matter how hard Filipinos try their best to keep their houses in the best condition, problems will inevitably arise.

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Fret not! While problems may arise, there are always quick and  easy fixes you can do. Here are the most common house problems in the Philippines and how to fix them.

Leaking or clogged roof

The roof always bears the load whether it rains or shines in the country. When your home is near a tree, it’s a big tendency for leaves to gather at the gutter. Once it rains, these can clog your roof and cause leaks in your home.

There’s no other way to avoid a clogged roof than cleaning it regularly. While you’re at it, you can also patch some holes. If your roofing is made of metal and it’s corroding already, it’s a sign to have them replaced as well.

Poor plumbing system

The plumbing system doesn’t cause much problems in newer homes. For older homes, it can be a bit of a hassle to maintain. The piping for your water fixtures as well as your waste water management may erode over time.

A common indicator of a defective plumbing system is leaking faucets and slow draining time. Once you see these signs, have it checked by a certified plumber immediately. If left in poor condition, the drainage may overflow to flood your home when it rains.

Faulty wiring at home

Another big problem for older homes is faulty wiring. An unmaintained electrical system, including cords, plugs, and outlets, can be hazardous when neglected. Since the wirings and the breakers are old, it may not be the best at keeping your electrical system in shape.

To fix these problems, consult an electrician. If you’re going to do the simple fixes like installing new light fixtures or creating new power lines, make sure to turn off the breakers first. Although, it’s still highly suggested that an electrician installs these for you.

Improper ventilation 

Do you see cracks, water leaks in paints, as well as corroded wood everywhere around the house? It may be due to improper ventilation! A poorly ventilated home can build up moisture and lead to other more jarring problems at home.

It can be difficult to maintain your home ventilated in the Philippine weather. The best thing you can do is to schedule a maintenance check of your home. This includes anywhere from the roof to the ventilated in your home.

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