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Aboitiz Tech Space: Using Innovation To Shape Future Leaders


Aboitiz Tech Space: Using Innovation To Shape Future Leaders


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The educational landscape is constantly evolving, with learning now extending beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. Forward-thinking educational institutions recognize the importance of providing dynamic learning environments that mirror the rapidly changing, technology-driven world students inhabit.

The Aboitiz Group, through the Aboitiz Foundation, has demonstrated its commitment to promoting the future of education by recognizing the crucial need for dynamic learning environments. This forward-thinking ethos is evident in their support for the Asian Institute of. Management (AIM) and the Aboitiz Tech Space, which was inaugurated in November 2022.

This innovative initiative equips AIM with its inaugural smart caseroom and the largest audiovisual caseroom, enabling the institute to deliver a more dynamic and immersive learning experience to its students.

Imagine an educational setting where the distinction between physical and virtual classrooms is blurred and technology seamlessly combines traditional teaching methods to provide a fully immersive learning experience. With its cutting-edge technology and carefully planned layout, the Aboitiz Tech Space aims to transform the way that students learn.

This commitment to fostering innovation stems from a generous US$10 million donation from the Aboitiz Group, made through its social responsibility arm, the Aboitiz Foundation. This support, known as the Aboitiz 100th Anniversary Commitment Fund, addresses the critical need for improved data science and innovation programs locally and regionally.

The funding supports world-class teaching and research projects at AIM’s Aboitiz School of
Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (ASITE), giving students hands-on experience alongside top data science professionals. A sizable amount of the US$10 million donation, $1 million, was specifically allocated for the construction of the Aboitiz Tech Space.

A Learning Hub Designed for the Future

So, what makes the Aboitiz Tech Space special? The state-of-the-art technology and precise design of the Aboitiz Tech Space are what makes it unique and give students the best possible learning environment.

Smart cameras track instructors as they move around the room and immediately focus on students who raise their hands. This ensures that online participants are never left out of the conversation.

A network of ceiling-mounted microphones and speakers enhances the area even more, ensuring crystal-clear audio for everyone participating. Furthermore, the smartboard enables instructors to interact with students in real-time, with their annotations automatically reflected on the panels around the room.

Dr. Marissa Liponhay, a Senior Data Scientist and Chief Technical Specialist at Smart City Project MINERVA, exemplifies the Aboitiz Tech Space’s transformative power. As an ASITE student who used its amenities, Dr. Liponhay underlines Tech Space’s capacity to support a seamless hybrid learning experience, which was especially important during the pandemic.

“We use Tech Space specifically when we have events for ASITE or when we have visitors as well. When I first saw it, I was so amazed because its features are jaw-dropping,” she said. Dr. Liponhay highlights Tech Space’s impressive features, which include an automatic voice capture system, cozy seats, and easy power outlets at each table. She points out that these components support a productive learning atmosphere for talks, seminars, and presentations as well.

“I appreciate the sound system and the ease of using the high-tech system, so it was very convenient for me,” Dr. Liponhay added.

She is also very impressed with how user-friendly Tech Space is. Whether presenting or participating in a session, the technology is simple and easy to use. Smooth presentations are also ensured for presenters such as Dr. Liponhay, who can move freely while being recorded by motion-sensitive cameras.

“It’s my favorite place to present, because I walk a lot when I’m presenting, and it can still capture my voice, and the smart cameras follow me,” she said, adding that the use of smartboards for presentations, audience engagement, and even live Q&A sessions allows presenters to better manage their time and answer questions.

Dr. Liponhay’s experience shows Tech Space’s achievement in establishing a seamless and dynamic learning environment.

The Aboitiz Group, through the Aboitiz Foundation, is dedicated to fostering innovation and skill in data science. This commitment is exemplified by its partnership with AIM and the establishment of the Aboitiz Tech Space, which serves as a focal point for nurturing growth and providing substantial support to students pursuing data science studies.

The Aboitiz Tech Space transcends its physical presence; it symbolizes the joint dedication of the Aboitiz Group and AIM to fostering innovation and cultivating proficiency in data science among students. With the assistance of exceptional educators, state-of-the-art resources, and scholarship initiatives, the Aboitiz Tech Space equips students with the necessary tools to emerge as future leaders capable of seizing opportunities and navigating challenges within the global business landscape.