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If you’re addicted to Waffles, Pegi Waffles is perfect for you!

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If you’re addicted to Waffles, Pegi Waffles is perfect for you!

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If you’re addicted to waffles like me, then let us rejoice for Pegi waffles! The perfect treat for the holiday season, Pegi Waffles is made from thick dough and pearl sugar, the goodies originated in Liege, a city in Eastern Belgium.

Filipino diners have been enjoying the rich authentic goodness of the Pegi waffles since 1997. Philippine-based company, Gaufre-Wafels, Inc. has been manufacturing waffles for the local market under an exclusive license agreement with Pegi Waffles, Belgium.

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Pegi is a filling snack by itself but can also be enjoyed in several fun ways. Available in traditional Liege, cheese and chocolate, coffee lovers often ask for waffles topped with whipped cream, while desert lovers add ice cream for an instant a ‘la mode treat. Others enjoy it as a light meal served with salad and omelet.

Diners can enjoy the freshly baked waffle with coffee from their café and pick-up counter located at 333 P, Guevarra, San Juan. It is also available online via Frozen Mnl, www.pegiwaffles.com, and Pegi waffles’Facebook page via AUB Botty’s messenger.


Looking for delectable holiday giveaway, check out the items at Pegi’s Christmas List:

• Scones with clotted cream (Php 500),

• Christmas Gaufrettes (Php 35 per piece)

• Christmas Waffle Pops (Php 55 per piece)

• Pegi Waffles in a Christmas Bag (P500 for a pack of 8, and P375 for a pack of 6)

• Cranberry or Rocky Road Waffle Pudding in a box (pre-ordered at Php 175 per piece).

For bulk orders of Dutch Stroop wafers, Scones, Waffle Pops, Cranberry, and Rocky Road Waffle Puddings, make sure to book orders in advance.

Call +632 8 866 5132 or 0995-6246391or 0927-7720819 for details.

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