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Unleash The Magic In A Smartphone With HONOR Magic 5 Pro


Unleash The Magic In A Smartphone With HONOR Magic 5 Pro


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Delivering the magic in the hands of its users, HONOR Philippines combined its world-class features in its smartphone, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro.

Giving life to its tagline “unleash the magic of extraordinary design,” smartphone brand HONOR did not fail to showcase an extraordinary unit. From its camera to its powerful battery life, this phone will surely be perfect for everyday use.

Inspired by the perspective of outer space, the Magic 5 Pro was described as an out-of-this-world smartphone because of its highlighted photography setup with its triple rear camera features that can utilize up to 100x optical zoom. This camera feature was called the “Eye of Muse,” derived from the first reported image of a black hole in the Milky Way.

Besides its remarkable camera features, the HONOR Magic 5 Pro was also recognized because of its long battery life and accessibility to wireless and wired charging methods.

For its display, consumers will say no more to having a world-class display experience in just a smartphone, as the HONOR Magic 5 Pro has a width of 76.7 mm and a height of 162.9 mm, which is perfect for watching videos or just simply surfing the internet.

With these smartphone features, there is no doubt that the HONOR Magic 5 Pro received recognition, such as topping the global ranking for the DXOMark camera and display. The smartphone was also highlighted during the Mobile World Congress 2023.

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