Free transfers to GCash partner banks make saving easier

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Free transfers to GCash partner banks make saving easier

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The adage saving for the rainy days is hard for most Filipinos speciallly if convenience and accessibility is the problem. How can we save without encountering some hassles? The secret to saving money is to move a small percent of cash from your payroll account to your savings account as soon as your salary comes in. This way, you’ll have something left when you’re tempted to squander away your entire paycheck.

But for people like me who get quickly discouraged from this twice-a-month task because of bank transfer fees, GCash is the answer.

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GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet, allows you to transfer money anywhere and anytime, from any of your accounts to the biggest banks in the Philippines without fees or fear. It has over 40 bank partners, which include Bank of the Philippine Islands, Banco de Oro, Metrobank, PS Bank, LandBank, Security Bank, UnionBank, Philippine National Bank, RCBC, Philippine Veterans Bank and East West Bank.

GCash also offers free bank transfers to smaller and rural banks such as Quezon Capital Rural Bank, East West Rural Bank, Cebuana Lhuillier Rural Bank and Partner Rural Bank in Cotabato.

Brick-and-mortar banks charge convenience fees anywhere from Php25 to Php100 for transferring money to another account in a different bank.

If you do the Math, you can save from P600 to P2,400 a year on top of what you set aside for the rainy day by ditching unnecessary expensive bank transfer fees using the mobile app.

In my case, I started saving extra P2,400 annually using GCash’s easy and fast money transfer features for moving cash from my BDO payroll account to my Metrobank savings account every payday, which comes twice a month.

Here’s what I do: I cash in a certain amount to my GCash wallet from my payroll account—which has been previously linked to my GCash app, and then transfer it to my savings account, which has also been linked to the app.

The cherry on the cake is I can do all these in less than three minutes from wherever I am, without beating Metro Manila’s monstrous traffic and the long lines in the banks.

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