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Reasons why playing Solitaire is best online

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Reasons why playing Solitaire is best online

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I was 4 years old when my mother taught me how to play Solitaire. We have lots of cards at home, used ones because my aunt work in a casino. So when my mother have time, Solitaire is one of our bonding moments whenever we’re cooped up at home. Over the years, whenever I seek for comfort I play Solitaire.

When we have our first computer, its program comes with a Solitaire game and it was great. Then internet happened and the profusion of online games were amazing but I still stick with Solitaire.

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When the COVID pandemic struck, we were forced to stay home and work from it. It was really trying times, even up to now. Lately, I have this urge to just play and play and try online games. Of course, Solitaire has become more of a hobby. And then my mother, of all people, showed me where she is playing Solitaire now. And she’s very excited! She told me to head over at www.solitaire.org

And over the months, I find myself camping over the website! I am  engrossed playing over at solitaire.org and I was so happy. And to my delight, they also have other familiar games. But the game I love the most is of course their solitaire.

Let me give you several reasons why I love playing online solitaire games at solitaire.org

Speed and convenience

You dont even need to get out of your seat. You can play solitaire in the comfort of your home or even the office.

Variety and Challenges

Did you know that there are many card games to play with others and test your patience and skills here? They also have new version of traditional games such as free cell solitaire, spider solitaire online, klondike online, tri peak, pyramid, golf and mahjong solitarie etc.


As i said, i love playing solitaire. And it can be played for free. If you like other games, you just go to their site and play, at the same time for free too. No need to buy anything to play it also means no limits.


Its fast loading because its online but if your connection is slow or lousy, you can still play.

Its easy to play

The card games you play online is the same as playing it in real life. If you dont know how to play. You can easily learn how to play it with their tutorial and players support forum especially at solitaire.org where everything is fully explained.

It never ends! 🙂

The more cards you have, the longer you will play and because of that, its fun and addictive to keep playing even if your cards run out. The same applies when you have so much winning it will continue until you wont have any winning anymore.

Its not complicated

The online solitaire is easy to learn even for the noobie players. And it helps that you can read its rules at any time just in case if you forgot how to play it. And one major rule is, don’t cheat.

Isn’t this great! At solitaire.org it’s really fun to play solitaire. Have fun and discover playing other games too like the following interactive games:

The Connect 3 games such as the zuma ball shooters or candy crush type games https://www.solitaire.org/match-3-games/

The Hidden Object games https://www.solitaire.org/hidden-object-games/

Mahjong games https://www.solitaire.org/mahjong-games/

Card games such as the crazy eights, gin rummy, hearts, among others https://www.solitaire.org/card-games/

Pacman, tennis, etc.) https://www.solitaire.org/free


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