TikTok Shop Marks First-Year Milestones, with over 117% increase in sellers over the past 6 months

TikTok Shop Marks First-Year Milestones, with over 117% increase in sellers over the past 6 months

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TikTok Shop, the e-commerce solution from the leading destination for short-form mobile video TikTok, announces its exciting first-year celebration. With its seamless integration of entertainment and commerce, TikTok Shop has observed remarkable growth since its inception through empowering brands and sellers to thrive in the social commerce landscape. As part of the celebration, TikTok Shop is introducing exclusive 6.6 birthday sale offerings in collaboration with its partner brands.

Throughout its first year, TikTok Shop has witnessed significant growth in engagement. With over a 117% year-on-year increase in sellers over the past six months, TikTok Shop has experienced a boost in the number of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) onboarded on the platform. Furthermore, there was a 53% year-on-year increase in sellers who quickly achieved breakeven status in the same period and are poised for more long-term success.

Among the top 5 categories that have flourished in TikTok Shop Philippines are Beauty and Personal Care, Womenswear, Menswear and Undergarments, Shoes, Phones and Electronics. Simultaneously, these categories experience a steady increase in the number of monthly purchasers.

Empowering local communities to grow and thrive

TikTok Shop’s growth goes beyond its first-year celebration as it continues to make a positive impact on brands and creators, from enabling their livelihoods to strengthening their communities. TikTok Shop seller Louiejay Baloc (@louiejaybaloc) discovered TikTok Shop’s potential in promoting his business as he noticed he was gaining traction on his TikTok account. Before joining as an official partner of TikTok Shop, he first became an affiliate of numerous shops before venturing into his own. Since joining TikTok Shop as an official partner in selling electronics, he has experienced remarkable growth and success as he has won multiple ranking competitions in TikTok Shop campaigns and externally, gaining recognition for his outstanding performance.

Similarly, SY Glow (@syglow.official) ventured into TikTok Shop at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and witnessed a surge in sales and demand for beauty products after customer testimonials uploaded on TikTok gained popularity. The brand also generated its highest revenue of 803,000 USD in April 2023, prompting an expansion of its warehouses across Luzon. SY Glow is able to share its found success from TikTok Shop by holding charity events and providing an extra source of income to those in need, especially working moms and students.

Supporting Local Businesses

To further support local SMBs, TikTok Shop drew nearly 500 creators, personalities, brands, and agencies who are on TikTok to its first Learning Summit in February 2023. TikTok Shop actively engages with the business community through various education and training programs, including participating in business expositions and roadshows to share insights about Shoppertainment and other opportunities TikTok Shop presents for brands and businesses.

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TikTok Shop has also onboarded local farmers and agropreneurs through its BuyLocal Bazaar, in partnership with PLDT-Smart and the Department of Agriculture, to promote homegrown goods. Aimed to support their livelihood, the BuyLocal Bazaar empowers them to gain direct access to consumers and expand their revenue opportunities by onboarding them onto TikTok Shop.

Commitment to building trust and innovation
As TikTok Shop celebrates its first year of operation, it remains committed to prioritizing consumer rights protection by ensuring a safe and trustworthy space not only for customers but for merchants as well. Recognizing the significance of these principles, TikTok Shop has forged partnerships with official brands and implemented strict policies and guidelines for merchants, further enhancing its commitment to safe transactions and the authenticity of products. These measures ensure that customers can shop with confidence and trust the integrity of the products available on the platform.

TikTok Shop is also focused on introducing innovative features such as the TikTok Shopping Center, which serves to help customers discover products and brands, and at the same time provide a space for sellers to foster genuine connections with them. By integrating sale campaigns such as monthly double day, bimonthly payday, Super Brand Day, and weekly sale Friday FriYAY, sellers are able to leverage the Shopping Center in driving sales and maximizing customer engagement.

With its first-year birthday celebration in full swing, users can look forward to the Favorite Brands Festival birthday sale. TikTok Shop has partnered with official local and international brands to present special value-for-money deals for consumers. Shoppers can enjoy exclusive discounts such as 66% off on YOU Beauty products, 67% off on Realme items, 10% off on Sperry footwear, 50% off select Maybelline items, and the best fashion deals on Penshoppe. From big discounts and discounted shipping vouchers to Php 66 Shopping Center deals, users can explore and discover offers that cater to their preferences and interests.

Moving forward, TikTok Shop aims to continue empowering more brands and creators and provide even more exciting opportunities for shoppers to engage in an innovative online shopping experience.